Thrillers - MemoirS


Marie-Jo Fortis was born in Bayonne, France, at the foot of the Pyrenees and at the edge of the Spanish border. She spent some time in Paris and at L'Ecole du Louvre. But it's in the US that she dreamed the dream and  became a writer. Before that happened, she had to face harsh, even cruel realities, and it's only many years later that she could face them in her memoirs, now in progress. Many years ago, the man who is now her husband helped her carry these realities from her past, and with him she crossed the Atlantic. She didn't know then that traversing an entire ocean would be like a another baptism, but it was. She would renew, reinvent herself with a language she hardly knew, in a land she didn't know.  Marie-Jo writes mysteries and thrillers and is the author of Chainsaw  Jane and From A to Zoe

Files coming soon.